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Customer Journey

Brand Anthem - Catch cold audiences’ attention online and move them to ICSLP’s website

Communicate ICSLP’s mission and why people should enroll.

Build trust through social proof to overcome any remaining objections.

Inspire qualified leads at in-person events to become leaders in Catholic School system.

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The Client

The Institute for Catholic School Leadership equips leaders in the Catholic school system with the resources, education, formation, and management skills to strengthen their schools.

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The Issue

The ICSLP was looking to increase awareness of their program and enroll more leaders into their program.

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The Task

Develop a customized video strategy to reach new audiences’ attention, communicate what the ICSLP does, and invite people to enroll in the program.

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Phase 1: Direct and produce a compelling, 2-minute Brand Message Video.


Phase 2: Produce a short, promotional video to push to cold audiences online to peak their attention. Viewers then visit ICSLP’s website to watch the existing Brand Message Video. Produce testimonial videos to demonstrate social proof and call potential students to enroll.


Phase 3: Direct and produce a high-energy brand anthem video to attract top-tier talent to the Catholic School system in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

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Results -  Over the course of 12 months, monthly website views increased from 50 to 11,000.

Organic Brand Message Video received over 54,000 organic views.

Able to fill multiple new cohorts with students.

Want a strategy to build your brand?

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