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Solar Panels on Rooftop

Customer Journey

Brand Anthem - Brand anthem video for cold audiences

What is Community Solar? - Landing page video for warm audiences

Nautilus Subscriber - Content for retargeting

Organic social media content for Warm Audiences

Land Owner Testimonials - Content to attract other landowners to the program

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Nautilus Solar Content Flow Chart

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The Client

Nautilus Solar Energy is a community solar platform that provides clean energy to the grid and discounts energy users’ monthly bills

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The Issue

Nautilus Solar Energy is experiencing growth pains due to their rapid acquisition of new solar projects and ever-increasing demand.

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The Task

Acquire new customers from diverse backgrounds in new states in a more cost effective way than door-to-door salesmen.


Educate consumers about what community solar is and its benefits.


Attract new land-owners, so NSE can build more solar farms.

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Provide expertise to NSE’s internal marketing team, web design agency, and media buying agency on an overall digital strategy to tell the right story, to the right audience, at the right stage in the customer journey.


Produce a high-end brand anthem video to convert cold audiences into warm audiences across multiple social media platforms - both paid and organic.


Create education videos for NSE’s website that clearly explain what community solar is and why NSE is the solution.


Develop an organic social media strategy to bring new leads in the pipeline and retain customers for the long term.

Work with media buying agency to develop complex retargeting sequences to increase conversions

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Results - Ongoing

Want a strategy to build your brand?

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