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Revolutionize Your
Elevator Pitch

With a Free Video Business Card

Mile High Coworking (NIA) - Wednesday, March 29th 

Writing a Diary

Explaining what you do is hard.

Where do I even start with explaining myself? What words do I choose? Getting people to understand exactly what you do and tell their friends about it seems like an impossible challenge.

Getting people to listen is harder

With endless noise on the internet and spam emails being sent left and right, it's seems impossible for people to even listen to you--let alone remember you.

Team Building Session

Communicate Your Mission Clearly

Video Business Cards are a perfect way to turn your elevator pitch into an engaging, professional video to put on your website homepage, social media, email signature, or QR code on your business card, so you can make a memorable first impression.

Here's a few examples:

Upgraded Versions:

Free Versions:

How it works

  • What exactly is a video business card?
    A video business card is a short, 30-60 video that clearly communicates who you are, shows what you do, and calls people to action.
  • Who is this for?
    Business owners wanting to show potential clients what their company does. Employees wanting to introduce themselves and build trust. Non-Profits wanting to show their impact. Individuals looking for work wanting to make a memorable first-impression. Anyone else who could benefit from a short, professional video.
  • How can I use a video business card?
    There's no "right" way to use a video business card, but here's a few ideas of where you can put it: Existing business card using a link, QR code, or NFC chip Social media pages (make sure to pin it to the top) Website homepage or "About Us" tab Email signature line Print or digital marketing materials via a link or QR code Anywhere else you want
  • What exactly do I get?
    A free, 15-minute, self-paced, online course to help you script an engaging video business card A 5-Minute filming slot at our professional, pop-up studio A finished 30-60 second video with: - Up to 5 of your photos or assets - Background music

Make a memorable first impression.

If you're wanting to bring in your whole team, include additional stock assets, have us film b-roll at your business, or anything else, send us an email at

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