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The VBC Masterclass

The ultimate guide to scripting and preparing for your VBC.


A quick overview of the modules.

Your Instructor

A quick overview of how I help people.

Module I: What's a VBC?

The what, how, and why of video business card.

The What

Here's the video you've been looking for on what a VBC even is.

The How

Here's what you can do with

your VBC.

The Why

Video is a very powerful tool to have

in business.

Optional Module: Storytelling

Clarify your message through the power of storytelling, so people can easily understand what you do (and tell their friends about you).

The Power of Story

Get people to listen with the hidden power of story.

A Guide

You're the guide with a plan - not the hero.

A Character

Your story needs a character with a problem.

A Call To Action

Help your character take a step toward a better life.

Module II: Scripting Your VBC

Brainstorm your hook, message, and call to action.

The Hook

You only have three seconds to make a first impression.

The Message

How do your business help customers?

A Call To Action

What should someone

do next?

Module III: Preparing to Film

How to sound natural on camera and what to expect the day of.

Confidence On Camera

Being on camera is scary, so here's some helpful tips to seem natural.

Being Prepared

Here's what to have ready:

1. Ask questions here.

2. Submit materials here.

Want to grab your customers' attention?

Get unlimited stock video/photo, lower-thirds, text/logo animation, and background music with a

Premium Video Business Card.

What to Expect

Here's what filming is going to be like.

(Hint: it's pretty manageable.)

Your Finished VBC

You've made it! Here's what to expect next from us.

Ready to film?

Still have questions?

Submit your materials here:

Send us an email at:

Want to learn about upgrading?

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