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You now get to see the your VBC!

Congratulations on successfully filming your video business card! Here's the next steps.

Step 1: Watch your Rough-Cut

A rough-cut of your VBC is just the skeleton of the final edit.

What a rough-cut is:

- A selection of the best takes

- Major mistakes removed

- The skeleton of the final edit

- A time-code display for reference

   (will be removed in the final edit)

What a rough-cut is not:

- A perfect cut between takes

- All mistakes removed

- Audio levels matched

- Final color/framing

- Music, titles, graphics, etc.

Step 2:


Upgrade Your VBC

Submit Materials

'Wow' your customers with a Premium VBC:

- Unlimited revisions of editing

- Full-length and short edit versions

- Vertical version for social media

- Access millions of stock photos/videos to include in your VBC

- Logo animation

- Animated, lower-third graphics

- Include all your business' existing assets

- High-quality background music

- 3 day turn-around time (priority editing)

- Priority support

Normal Pricing: $749

NIA Discount: $397

Only 3 spots remain!

Submit up to five photos/graphics
to include in the final edit.

- We'll edit in these basic photos/graphics into the final edit

- Additional revisions billed at $50 per round

- Upgrading later to a Premium VBC will be an additional $350 after 5pm on Tuesday, April 11

Special Offer

Upgrade now to get free (normally $400) access to our 14 Day TikTok Bootcamp:

- Learn how to master short-form content (1-Hour live presentation)

- Brainstorm & script for first five Reels/Tiktoks (1-Hour live workshop)

- Record your first pieces of content (with the help of a professional)

- Get 5 TikToks professionally edited

- Learn how to post your content & keep on creating (live facilitation)


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